No more Red Alerts

This is our last full day of work on the base. It goes very much like the previous day. I was grateful that we had not had any Red Alerts with the need to go into

 the bomb shelter. But Red Alerts had occurred in Gaza from Hamas and in the North from Hezbollah. I don’t want to forget how important Israel’s fight is for the Jewish people but also for other countries.

The goals of these terrorist organization is not just to eradicate all Jews, but also to take over and change the culture of France, Spain, the USA and other countries that today are not Muslim. Their infiltration of neighborhoods, universities in the US and other countries is a bellwether alert.

At the after-work program tonight, each member of the unit tells what impressed them most about this Sar-El experience. The messages are similar: being in Israel, working with the IDF soldiers, meeting other volunteers, and having an opportunity to contribute in Israel’s most serious time of need.

We receive our Certificates of Appreciation and a pin commemorating our week of Sar-El service. Laurent takes out his guitar and we sing Israeli songs. The feelings of solidarity with our cultural homeland and with each other are strong. In one week, I have a new treasure trove of friendships that will last for a long time after our service has ended.